Summer’s Coming – Has Your AC Been Serviced Lately?

Summer’s Coming – Has Your AC Been Serviced Lately?

A broken air conditioner in Tucson can be fixed

Can you feel it? The hot Tucson summer is fast -approaching.

Summer is coming up, and along with it higher temperatures. The last thing you need is a poorly running AC unit, or one that is not running at peak performance. There are some tasks that can be performed to get your AC unit ready to accept the anticipated workload. Your best bet is to have a qualified technician give your AC unit a thorough inspection and make the necessary maintenance repairs so you will be ready when the heat wave hits.

A qualified technician is your best bet for a preliminary inspection. Dirt and clogs are a real problem when it comes to air flow. A technician will check inside the AC unit and furnace for debris, dust, animal and insect infestation and soot. Sometimes a cleaning is necessary as well as inspection of the vents and registers. A filter change-out will be mandatory, since the pleated filter materials have likely been exposed to moisture and dirt over the winter months, a potential restriction problem. A cleaning will also remove pollen, pet danger and harmful bacteriological agents that might prove unhealthy.

A certified technician will have the necessary tools and gauges to inspect for refrigerant leaks or low level conditions. They AC system must hold its manufacturer’s specified refrigerant level as well as the correct refrigerant type. A test run will determine proper pressure and temperature.

Safety is a big issue with your HVAC system. Gas and oil HVAC systems use fossil fuel for energy, producing hazardous chemical by products like carbon monoxide. Technicians look for leaking seals, valves and loose connections that can potentially spark a fire or emit dangerous gases into the living space. Wire and electrical connections should be cleaned and tightened to make proper contact. Any chaffed or split wires will be replaced, negating any shorts or damage to electrical components.

Performance issues with the motor, moving components (shafts) and bearings should be inspected for integrity. A bad electrical motor may produce metallic noises like scraping, whining and buzzing. Such noises are an indication that the internal parts are misaligned, worn or defective. A technician can easily discover how many amps a unit is requiring to run efficiently by checking voltage parameters and wire resistance. Maximum flow and cooling temperature are important, indicating that the system is operating effortlessly and drawing only the amount of electricity needed. AC units that perform at maximum efficiency save on monthly energy bills.

Don’t delay. Temco Air Environmental specializes in Tucson AC repair and is equipped to handle inspections or emergency situations. Get ready for summer by having your HVAC system inspected and serviced. Routine re-maintenance procedures are inexpensive compared to the problems that may occur and result in major component failures and safety issues that may require major system replacement.

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