Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance


Residential Maintenance & Repair

Living in Tucson, you NEED reliable air conditioning at all times. In order to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable on even the hottest days of the summer season, schedule your air conditioning services with skilled, trained professionals. Simply call the experts on the Temco Team.

No matter what type of air conditioning services you may need, from a simple Tune-up, an A/C Repair or even 24/7 Emergency Service. Our skilled technicians are here to get the job done right. From replacements to repairs and maintenance, we are the A/C pros that you can count on to help you beat the worst of the summer heat.

Residential Service Agreements

What are the benefits of having a maintenance agreement with Temco Air Environmental?

  • You are a priority customer and we guarantee to be to you within 24 business hours in the case of a breakdown.
  • You will receive a 15% discount on ALL repairs!
  • You will receive two preventative maintenance visits per year!  One for the heating season and one for the cooling season. This means you won’t have to worry about voiding any warranties!! You will also avoid possible future breakdowns.

What is done during your preventative maintenance tune-up?

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1. Clean condenser coil.

2. Check voltage & amperage to all motors with meter.

3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator coil.

4. Check for adequate refrigerant charge & possible leaks.

5. Check evaporator.

6. Lubricate all moving parts where possible.

7. Check air flow.

8. Clean or replace filters. (1″ std. media only)

9. Check pressure switch cut-out settings.

10. Check electrical lockout circuits.

11. Check start contactors & contacts.

12. Check all wiring & connections.

13. Clean & adjust thermostat.

14. Check air temperature across condenser.

15. Check/clear condensate drain line.



1. Clean and adjust thermostat.

2. Check all safety controls.

3. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.

4. Adjust burner for efficiency.

5. Check for gas leaks in furnace.

6. Lubricate all moving parts where possible.

7. Check air flow.

8. Check filters, clean or replace (1″ std. media only)

9. Check flue pipes.

10. Checked for carbon monoxide

11.  Adjust pressure regulator.

12. Check total performance of system.

Commercial Maintenance Programs

Temco offers both bi-annual programs and quarterly programs for our commercial clients.  Please contact us to get your custom options and pricing.

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