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    Temco Air Environmental

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Surge Protectors:

With monsoon season right around the corner, we are offering our surge protectors at 20% off the normal price!

Most people have surge protectors for their TVs, computers and other major appliances, so why not protect one of their largest and most expensive appliances in their home, their HVAC system?

Most electrical surges are minor, however big surges can cause serious damage. An inexpensive surge protector can protect your equipment from thousands of dollars in damage.

Overflow Safety Switch:

As we enter our cooling season, we are offering our safety switches at 20% off the normal price!

What is a safety switch?

An HVAC system produces condensation as it cools and dehumidifies a home. The excess condensate is usually drained, but natural occurring debris like dust and rust can sometimes clog the drain, creating a backup and leakage. The backup of water can leak onto cabinetry, hardwood floors, inside attics etc and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. A safety switch is an inexpensive device designed to detect when the unit is leaking and prevent significant damage by shutting it off.

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