Is your evaporative cooler a security issue for your family?

Is your evaporative cooler a security issue for your family?

 Do you have an evaporative cooler on your home? If so, you know you must leave windows cracked open a bit to allow the airflow needed for the cooler to be effective.  If you feel the open window could be a security risk, consider opening the window just enough for airflow but not enough for a person to gain access. Then drill a hole in the window frame to insert a screw preventing the window from sliding open further. Or you can put a wooden dowel in the window track to ensure the same results. 
2 other personal security tips… 

Always be aware of your surroundings. Carry a flashlight or know how to use your cell phone for light when stuck in a dark building or finding your car at night. A whistle makes more noise than you can with your voice. Consider adding a whistle to your keychain. A whistle draws a lot of attention.

 Speaking of car keys… if you have a car fob with a car alarm button, keep it next to your bed at night. Should you hear a prowler or feel threatened in any way, you can set off your car alarm. It could be enough to scare off an intruder. Be sure to test it to make sure you are close enough to trigger the alarm.

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