Is Your Air Conditioner Outdated?

Is Your Air Conditioner Outdated?

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Is your air conditioning unit on its final season?

Many people try to save money by keeping their air conditioner as long as they can. However, it is important to remember that air conditioners are not built to last forever. Below are some of the signs that you may need to replace your unit:

Your Air Conditioner Is More Than 15 Years-Old

The average air conditioner can last about 15 years depending on its useage. If your air conditioner is older than that, then you definitely want to consider replacing it. Keep in mind that you could possibly save money if you replace your air conditioner when it is 10 years-old. Some experts believe that air conditioners are not designed to last more than 10 years.

Newer air conditioners are more energy efficient, which can lower your monthly electric bills. Replacing your air conditioner will not only help you save money, but it can also help improve the indoor air quality.

Your Air Conditioner Frequently Requires Repairs

When your air conditioner frequently needs expensive repairs, holding on to it just is not worth it. You will probably end up spend a lot more money on repairs than you would if you were to replace the air conditioner.

Your Air Conditioner Is Not Running Efficiently

As your air conditioner gets older, it will begin to run less efficiently. One of the signs that your air conditioner is running less efficient is it runs for a longer period of time. An outdated air conditioner will have to run longer in order to cool your home. If you have noticed that your utility bills are increasing, then your air conditioner is probably outdated. Outdated air conditioners typically use up more energy.

Furthermore, if your home is no longer comfortable, then it is time to get your air conditioner replaced. If you are looking for a new air conditioner, or need Tucson A/C Repair, then you should consider contacting Temco Air Environmental.

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