Getting Your Home Air Conditioning Ready for Summer

Getting Your Home Air Conditioning Ready for Summer


Regularly servicing your Air Conditioner will make sure it’s working properly when you need it most.

During the hot Tucson summer, you want to know your air conditioner is working at peak capacity. Before the need for cooling arises, there are a few simple steps you can take to get your A/C ready for the summer heat. In addition to performing a few maintenance tasks yourself, don’t forget to schedule your A/C’s yearly tune-up with a qualified Temco Air Environmental cooling professional.

Check Your Ducts

Your home’s ductwork distributes cooled air throughout your home. If your ducts are dirty or in poor condition, you will lose much of the cooled air produced by your air conditioner before it can reach every room. If your vents are blocked, cooled air cannot exit the ducts into your home. Check that all your vents are clear by moving any rugs, furniture, or other items that may be blocking them. Next, remove the vent covers with a screwdriver and use a flashlight to check the interior of your ducts. If you find excessive dust, mold, or pests, address these issues now for more efficient cooling during the summer.

Change Your Filter

Your HVAC system uses a filter to screen out dust and other particles before drawing air into your furnace or A/C. This filter needs to be changed once every 30-90 days to ensure proper airflow. Leaving a dirty filter in place will reduce your A/C’s cooling efficiency and negatively affect the indoor air quality in your home. If you don’t have experience changing your filter, now is a great time to learn. The filter is usually located near your furnace or A/C unit; however, it may also be located near an intake air grill in your home. If you can’t find the filter, ask an HVAC professional for help.

Is your A/C ready for summer? You can schedule your next HVAC maintenance visit with Temco Air Environmental by calling (520) 622-2909 for residential and commercial heating and A/C repair, maintenance, and installation in Tucson. We invite you to visit us on the web for more heating and cooling information and tips.

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