Are you being mislead?

Are you being mislead?

 HVAC is in the top 3 categories most inquired about through the Better Business Bureau for good reason. If you look in the phonebook under air conditioning contractors you will find 50+ ads all promising the same things (customer satisfaction guaranteed, quality work). If everyone was truly doing what they promised in their ads, our industry would not have such a sad reputation.  There are a lot of false advertising and marketing ploys out there right now and we would like to make sure that you do not fall victim to these. Here are a few of the examples that we have received from Temco Air customers:
Letter in the mail stating that the “federal tax credits may pay you up to $1500 back”. This is simply not true. The federal tax credit it’s just that, it’s only a credit applied to your taxes at the end of the tax year. There is no “cash” given to the consumer for this at any time. There has also been a “coupon” in print in the newspaper stating that the federal tax credit expires 6/15/09. This is not true either; it is a credit good for the 2009 and 2010 tax years. For additional information on this particular credit, please go to:

Advertisement in the paper stating “$250 Utility Rebate” with an expiration date of 6/15/09. This is not accurate or complete information. They are referring to the Tucson Electric Power (TEP) Efficient Home Cooling Program. TEP is currently offering up to $250 cash rebate on units 14 SEER or higher. For additional information on this particular rebate, please go to:

Advertisement in a magazine stating “No complaints with R.O.C.” This is simply not the “whole” truth. While yes, they do not have any current complaints under the ROC number that was listed; they however were denied their license renewal under their “old” business name. Now if you were to go the ROC and just simply look them up by the number listed you would never know any different. It is important when you research a company that you look them up both by the business name and business owner’s name. If you search under the owners name you would see that he has multiple business names with the same type of licenses just with one word of the business name different. To investigate any registered contractor in the State of Arizona, please go to:

 Advertisement showing that they are a “BBB accredited business”. Just because they are a member of the BBB does not mean that they are an “A+” rated business with no complaint history. It is possible to be a BBB accredited business and have a “C” rating with 76 complaints in the last 36 months. It is also possible to have the same owner with multiple business names for the same business under different listings with the BBB and have different ratings as well. The ROC search will help you to know what other “business names” the business might be listed under in the BBB database to make your search more effective. To look up a business on the BBB, please go to:

 Letter in the mail stating that “your warranty is about to expire”. There has been a mass mailing of these around Tucson, claiming that your warranty is about to expire as a way to get you to purchase a new unit. If you ever receive a letter like this that is not directly from the manufacturer of your equipment, disregard it. Any manufacturer of your equipment would have sent a letter out on official company letterhead with your warranty number on it and all of your equipment information. If at any time you are in doubt about a letter that you received in the mail regarding this, please feel free to call Temco Air at (520) 622-2909 and we will contact your manufacturer on your behalf and find out about a warranty you may have.

 If you have found that you were mislead or given false information, please share your thoughts with us by simply leaving a comment below.

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