What is a SWAMP COOLER? And what is that fishy smell?

What is a SWAMP COOLER? And what is that fishy smell?

Many homes in the Tucson area have a swamp coolers (also called an evaporative cooler) instead of a central air conditioning system. Until now,  many homeowners chose swamp coolers to cool their homes instead of a traditional central air conditioning system to save on energy costs. Swamp coolers used to be a good cooling choice in the past, however, recent advances in high efficiency Air Conditioning systems have made them less attractive because of the many disadvantages of swamp coolers. Swamp coolers work best in very dry conditions.  They are not effective when humidity levels increase or during warm, rainy weather.  They also can create a “fish smell” in your home, which could be the reason for the nickname “swamp cooler”.  Swamp coolers require frequent maintenance and since they are usually located on the roof, maintenance can be inconvenient for the homeowner and the cost of professional maintenance can add up. Not to mention the need for water running through the swamp cooler, potentially dumping water onto your roof. Although an evaporative cooler can cool a home to a lower temperature than the outside air, they do not have the cooling capacity of a central air conditioning system. The big advantage of a swamp cooler had always been its lower energy usage, but not so much anymore. Modern energy efficient central air conditioning systems use 30% to 50% less electricity than those made years ago.  That means that the advantage of using a swamp cooler is much less than it used to be, especially once the cost of maintenance is factored in.

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