The Most Costly Mistake You Can Make With Your Aging Air Conditioner

The Most Costly Mistake You Can Make With Your Aging Air Conditioner

If you are trying to get by this summer with an aging air conditioner, here is the TRUE COST of waiting until it fails:

Once our temperatures soar over 100 degrees, that aging unit is forced to run its hardest, which increases the chance it will simply run itself into the ground…. and soon. When it fails, you are faced with the need to replace that system, and FAST. With temps well over 100 degrees, going without a/c for a few days is not an option. So you call the best a/c company (that would be Temco, of course) and they are swamped (because it’s really hot out there and others know Temco is the best, too!) They cannot install your new system for a week.

You can’t survive a week without a/c so you start calling other companies and buy whatever system can be installed by whatever company can get it done the fastest.

You may not get the quality of equipment or the quality of installation you had hoped, but you got it “fast”.

Now you will live with that “fast” decision for 15 years…. bummer.

Don’t be forced to make a bad decision in the heat of the moment.

Call Temco Air Environmental today to get on their schedule BEFORE your old unit takes its last breath. Estimates for new equipment are free.

 Call Temco Air 622-2909

Call today to ensure your new system is the right one at the right price and is installed by the experts.

Now that’s a decision you can live with for the next 15 years! seroquel xr side effects

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